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Legal Age to Rent a Hotel in California

In the U.S., almost all hotels choose an 18 or 21 check-in age, so 19-year-olds face the same challenges as 18-year-olds when looking for a hotel. Our hotel listings are designed to help all guests aged 18, 19 or 20. In today`s world, many children under the age of 18 travel alone. This is no longer a rare case. Sometimes, after graduating from high school, teenagers backpack around Europe with their friends, and none of them may be 18 yet. Fortunately, there are ways to navigate this area. Some hotels that are of minimum age may simply ask permission from a parent or guardian. Others simply won`t ask, perhaps because they don`t have a specific policy or because they can`t discriminate against customers based on their age. Some national chains have age requirements to book hotel rooms. Although they are generally the same, there are also some exceptions to this policy.

And they will list the specific hotels where minors can check in. Under a law that came into effect in 2000, hotels can require unaccompanied minors to produce documents signed by their parents or other responsible adults to pay for any damage to hotel property. Restaurant owners must apply the directive uniformly to all unaccompanied minors. Hotels may also deny rooms to minors if innkeepers believe the rooms are being used for parties by unaccompanied minors in accordance with California Hotel & Motel Association policies. When deciding which hotel to stay at, make sure you know the minimum age to book a room. If you are booking a hotel for a family, make sure that all adults in the room are 18 years of age or older. Some jurisdictions do not consider minors legally responsible for a contract, so age restrictions may apply to you. Check your local prescription to see what age restriction applies. If you are looking for a room in California or Florida, you will need to know the minimum age to book one. Here are some reasons to be at least 18 years old.

You must also have a responsible adult to accompany you to ensure that you can check in. If you are under 18 but with an adult, you can get a room. However, if you are under 18, it is likely that the hotel will not rent it to you. We`ve found many hotels where 18-year-olds can check in in California, but there are plenty of other hotels that require guests to be 21. The reasons for these policies vary and may include risks associated with alcohol laws, potentially lower insurance rates, and stereotypes among youth. All over the world, hotels require a minimum age of 18 years to check in unaccompanied. This is usually almost universally true outside the United States, as the minimum drinking age is 18 in most countries. There are a few things you need to know before booking a hotel room. For starters, each hotel has a different minimum check-in age. Check with the hotel concierge for the exact age requirement and bring a valid government-issued ID. You should also be prepared to know what to say when you check into a hotel.

The receptionist will need your booking reference and full name, so write down the booking details or prepare them on your smartphone. It is also important that the name of your booking matches the name on your ID card or passport. It was advisable to bring printed copies of your itinerary or booking form, but thanks to smartphones, this is no longer necessary. If you have ID, you can book a hotel room for your child. Just make sure you have the child`s name and reservation number handy to prove you`re the adult. Many hotels are also strict about who can book a room, and you need to make sure it`s the right one. In California and Florida, the rules for booking a juvenile hotel room apply to both single and double rooms. While hotels are usually a haven for weary travelers, age requirements vary greatly depending on the property.

It is important to check the age requirement of a hotel before booking. Although there is no law imposing this age limit, most hotels have their own age requirements, and it is advisable to be at least 18 years old before booking a room. You can also check the age requirements online. Check-in age policies are usually set by the hotel itself rather than the company`s brand. For this reason, we have found that the registration is 18 years for some Holiday Inn hotels and 21 years for other Holiday Inn hotels. Since check-in age policies vary from hotel to hotel, we do not recommend relying on hotel brands for check-in age policies. Below is a list of hotels with 18+ check-ins for different cities in California. We`ve also provided links to our comprehensive guides for each city, where you can find more information about each hotel. The age required to check into a hotel varies by location and condition. In California and Florida, the minimum age for check-in is 18.

Some hotels require a slightly older age in other states, so check the policies before booking. If you are not sure, you can always contact the hotel directly and ask if there are any age requirements before booking. We have a large number of 18+ hotels in California that rent to guests ages 18 and older, ranging from budget hotels to upscale properties. This state has some of our most popular destinations, including Los Angeles, San Francisco, and San Diego. With a Mediterranean climate, California lends itself to travel, whether it`s the heat of summer or the cold of winter. You may be able to negotiate an exception if you are a minor when trying to check into a hotel, but this is very rare and exposes the hotel to potential risks. The most likely exception is if you are accompanied by someone who is over the age limit. However, this companion must be with you for the duration of your stay. If you`re traveling to California or Florida, it`s important to know the minimum age for hotel rooms. In California, you must be at least 21 years old to book a room.

In Florida, the minimum age is 18. However, many hotels allow children 12 and older to stay in a room with an adult if a parent or guardian accompanies the child. However, most hotels list their minimum age for check-in somewhere on their website. For this reason, before making your choice of hotel, you should check whether you need to be 21 or 18 years old to check in upon arrival. Don`t leave it until you`re at the front desk and you`re denied a room, if you probably won`t be able to get a refund for your stay either. Proms and graduation ceremonies were once costly headaches for hotels. Innkeepers felt compelled by the state`s anti-discrimination law to rent rooms to underage students. But all the nightly parties in the rooms occupied by students often resulted in broken furniture, vandalized belongings, and angry guests kept awake by the noise.

Minors can legally invalidate leases that require them to pay damages retrospectively, so hotels have often had to deal with repair bills. Before booking accommodation, young travelers should know the minimum age to rent a hotel room before planning the rest of their trip. While most institutions have a minimum age to rent a hotel room of around 18, the bottom line is that there really isn`t a standard. To ensure that all travel plans are made accordingly, young people should proactively review age restrictions before making a reservation. Hotel rates can vary greatly depending on the date, even during the same week. When hotels know they can fill their rooms, prices go up, but if they expect rooms to be empty, cheap rooms are there for you. Sometimes, by postponing your trip for a few days, you can save 20% or more.

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