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If you have any questions, please contact the Health Information Services Forensic Service at 4320-2023. Holden Street Demountable 1, on the grounds of Gosford Hospital Holden Street Gosford NSW 2250 You have the right to request access to NSW Health`s personal health information, including your medical records. The Central Coast Local Health District Right to Information Officer must acknowledge receipt of the request for access to the requester within five business days. The GIPA law stipulates that the request must be processed within 20 working days, unless the applicant agrees to an extension of the deadline. As part of a formal access request, information is requested by submitting an access request to GIPAA with a $30 fee. Depending on the scope of the request, additional processing fees may also be charged. Information from the Central Coast Local Health District must be disclosed in response to an informal request, unless there is an overriding public interest in disclosure. For any questions regarding a parent or loved one who is a patient at Gosford Hospital, Wyo Hospital, Woy Woy Hospital or Long Jetty Health Care Center. If you require more information about GIPA, including fact sheets, screening rights and the public interest test, please contact the Information and Privacy Commission: You may be able to request a 50% reduction in the processing fee if one or more of the following conditions apply: Some applications are subject to a processing fee. For more information on fees and charges, visit Kathleen Street and Ocean Beach Road Woy Woy NSW 2256 Informal requests occur when the information you are looking for can be provided to you without a formal request.

There is no fee for informal requests and, most of the time, information can be shared effectively. Block D Wyong Hospital Kanwal Pacific Highway Kanwal NSW 2259 A valid formal request for regulatory information must: Information about your rights under HRIPA, including the security, use, disclosure and access to your health information, is set out in the Patient Privacy Information brochure. The following open access information may be of interest: Information classified as excluded under Schedule 1 of the GIPA Act and information that is not intended to be disclosed as part of the public interest assessment are not available on the website Under the GIPA Act, The Central Coast Local Health District is authorized to make publicly available information that is not classified as mandatory. Medical records can be accessed under GIPA, but medical records are generally accessible under the Medical Records and Confidentiality Act 2002 (HRIPA). Our health information services are the relevant service that can help you access your health information under HRIPA. Please complete the Clinical Information Request when requesting access to your health information. Formal access requests can be mailed to: Informal requests are not appropriate for information that requires consultation with a third party, personal health information such as medical records, or when large amounts of information are requested. In these cases, a formal request must be submitted. If you would like to contact us by email, please use

If you have a concern, see Contact Us for more information. The Government Information (Public Access) Act 2009 (GIPA Act) replaced the Freedom of Information Act 1989 (NSW). You will be asked to make a written request and to identify yourself. If you request a copy of this information, you will be charged a fee. Return of Kincumber Shopping Village Kincumber Street Kincumber NSW 2251 Central Coast Local Health District may extend the processing time of the application if consultation with a third party is required or if records need to be retrieved from the archives. NSW Health Policy policies and guidelines apply to all NSW Local Health Districts, and copies of these documents can be found on the NSW Health website. We will endeavour to advise you on where and how to access the information on our website, or: The Central Coast Local Health District is required to disclose certain information to promote accountable and representative government that is open, accountable, equitable and effective. It is imperative that this information is made available to the public via our website. The Central Coast Local Health District also has its own district-wide policies, procedures and policies. Access to government information granted in response to a formal request for access may be subject to the payment of a processing fee charged for processing the request. Level 1, Gateway Centre 237 men Street Gosford NSW 2250 The right to information facilitates public access to information from the Central Coast Local Health District.

If you cannot find the information you are looking for on our website or if you have any questions about government information, please contact the Right to Information Officer on 02 4320 3570 or A $30 filing fee is required to initiate all formal access requests. If the Central Coast Local Health District does not decide on the requester`s access request within 20 business days, the request is automatically considered “denied”. The filing fee is refundable and the applicant may request an internal or external review of the rejection.

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