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Mexican Immigration Rules

I decided to go to Chicago to get things done. Since I had to gather all the necessary documents, I unfortunately couldn`t complete the process on that first trip and returned to Mexico without looking back. Be warned that some consulates expect to see hard copies of your last 12 bank statements (others accept six – this varies by location). While the Mexican Immigration Service has its own requirements, consulates also have some leeway to set their own policies. If I can give one piece of advice, it would be to talk to one consulate throughout the process and make sure you know their specific needs. You have now completed the first of two steps to obtain your temporary or permanent resident visa. The consulate visa is valid for 180 days, so you must travel to Mexico before it expires. Once you enter the country, make sure the immigration officer knows that you need a Canje stamp indicating that your immigration status will change. You now have 30 days to report to your local immigration office. This page provides an overview of the Mexican immigration system and outlines the main visas and options for people who want to visit Mexico for leisure, business, retirement, life and work, as well as those seeking permanent residency in Mexico or Mexican citizenship. Download our free Mexico Immigration Guide eBook for more information. The visitor permit is valid for a maximum of 180 days and cannot be extended or renewed beyond the number of days indicated on the form by the immigration officer upon entry into Mexico. After expiration, you must leave the country.

Immigration authorities now use a “points system” where points are added based on certain factors. Relevant elements are the financial context, ownership of real estate in Mexico and a strong relationship between the applicant and Mexico. Private Inpatient Treatment Facilities: These facilities provide care to U.S. citizens throughout Mexico and include children`s behavior change facilities, rehabilitation facilities, and assisted living centers. There is a wide range of standards for education, safety, health, sanitation, immigration and residency. Personnel licenses may not be strictly enforced or meet the standards of similar entities in the United States. The State Department has received reports of abuse, neglect, or mismanagement at some of these facilities. U.S. citizens should do their due diligence and thorough research before choosing a hospital treatment facility. If you want to import a vehicle, the rules and procedures vary depending on your visa status, whether you import your vehicle temporarily or indefinitely, and whether the vehicle is new from a country with which Mexico has a free trade agreement or whether the vehicle is classified as used or classic. If the model of the car is nine years old at the time of importation and the certificate of origin is from Mexico, the United States or Canada, the car can be imported without further requirements.

U.S. citizens are reminded to carefully review and adhere to the immigration authorities-approved admission deadline upon entry. Visitors to Mexico should always have their original passport – not a copy – with them. If you received a paper MMF upon arrival, you should also keep it with you and be prepared to provide it to immigration authorities when you leave. Visitors who do not have their passport or who do not stay in Mexico beyond the authorized period may be imprisoned, fined and/or deported. Note: A temporary stay does not include a work permit, which means that you are not allowed to work in Mexico or do paid work in Mexico. However, if you are considering work, gainful employment, or gainful employment, you must apply for a work permit from the INM`s Immigration Department in Mexico. Due to long waiting times, it is advisable to make an appointment online with the local immigration department before leaving your home country. Once in Mexico, you only have 30 days to report for immigration or you will have to leave the country and start the process all over again. All work permit applications begin at INM Immigration As a legal resident of Mexico (temporary and permanent residents), you must inform INM Immigration of any change in marital status, address in Mexico, nationality, name and professional activity.

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