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Sa P1 Rules

As there is no Australian licensing system, licensing rules vary by jurisdiction. Nevertheless, licenses are generally recognized and valid in other states and territories. Since 1997, there have been uniform regulations nationwide for the regulation of full motor vehicle driving licences and their renewal. [2] The Road Ready course at a Road Ready center lasts at least ten hours, during which a candidate learns the rules of the road, receives alcohol training and hazard perception training. Here`s a look at the important rules and regulations faced by learner drivers and test drivers on the road in Australia`s various states and territories. Please contact your state or territory government/transportation authority for information on traffic rules. Each state has a demerit point system that results in the suspension of a driver`s license if the threshold of demerit points is reached. Rules vary, but road authorities share information about interstate violations. While there are differences in the rules, each state and territory has a strict zero-tolerance policy for alcohol and drugs for L and P plate drivers.

Drivers moving to the state may be eligible to upgrade their license class due to the different age rules that apply in each state. For example, a Victorian learner driver moving to New South Wales may be eligible to take the driving test to obtain a P1 licence. However, drivers under the age of 18 cannot obtain the same class of driver`s licence in Victoria, where they must be at least 18 years of age to do so. Another example is a Victorian over 25 who moves to Tasmania, SA, QLD or WA can get a full licence after holding their Ps in Victoria for 12 months, although the probationary period for those over 21 in Victoria is 3 years. If a driver is about to lose their driving licence in their home state, they can obtain a new driver`s licence in another Australian state, provided that demerit points have not already been added and the fine has not yet been paid, or in the event of immediate disqualification, the actual disqualification period has not yet commenced (before 28 days after the violation). Learn more about rules, definitions and exceptions for high-performance vehicles. The following conditions and rules apply to holders of a P1 licence [see Motor Vehicles Act 1959 (SA)s 81A]: Originally published in October 2018, this story has been updated to reflect the latest rules in each Australian state and territory. Obtaining a full license Several rules apply to obtaining your full license, depending on your situation. If your temporary driving licence was issued before 28 July 2014 and you have not been disqualified, you can apply for a full driving licence if you have held your provisional driving licence for at least two years (including at least 12 months in P1 and at least six months in P2) and have passed a hazard perception test. And you turned 19.

If you drive in another state while using your South Australian P licence plate, the police may enforce the P licence plate laws of your home state or the state in which you drive. There is some confusion about the rules that apply in this situation, and we have heard stories about it going both ways. Labels #provisional driver`s license, #P license plates #P rules #drivers driver`s license But remember, your P license plates need to be activated, your driver`s license needs to be convenient, and traffic rules and P license rules need to be followed. Each Australian state has specific restrictions for inexperienced drivers, and South Australia is no exception. The P license plate laws that SA enforces mean that you have to remember the additional rules and restrictions in addition to the general traffic rules. Remember, while P-plate laws can be painful, they`re there to help you become a safe driver. When driving with your P license plates, you must follow the P license plate laws enforced by SA, as well as normal traffic rules. If you don`t, you could face a license suspension or termination, which could extend the length of your stay on your P-plates. To obtain your AS learner`s licence, you must be at least 16 years old and pass a knowledge test on the rules of the road and road safety. Relevant information and study requirements can be found in the Driver`s Guide. Temporary drivers must comply with all traffic rules and traffic rules and other restrictions: for example, the speed limit is 100 km / h, the blood alcohol level (BAC) must be zero, temporary drivers are not allowed to use the mobile phone in any form while driving, including hands-free kits and SMS.

The accumulation of five or more demerit points over a 12-month period triggers an action against a temporary driver. As traffic rules in Australia are enforced at the state level, there are slight variations from the restrictions that apply to new drivers depending on where they live. Interstate visitors are allowed to travel with their current Australian or New Zealand driver`s license. You must follow the local traffic rules of that state. Differences in state laws have caused a lot of confusion among visiting drivers, with many pushing for uniform federal traffic rules. [43] If you hold a provisional P1 licence, you could be fined, earn demerit points or lose your driver`s licence if you: For more information on vehicles closed to temporary drivers in New South Wales, please visit Transport for NSW`s searchable database. These restrictions do not apply to P2 licensees, allowing hands-free use of a mobile phone. If you get your P1 driving licence, you can drive under these conditions. Laws that only apply to temporary P1 license holders (these laws do not apply to P2) include: The minimum driving age for drivers varies by state and territory. Learner drivers can drive under the supervision of a licensed driver from 15 years and 9 months in the ACT[5] and from 16 years in other states and the Northern Territory. The minimum age for unsupervised driving is 18 years in Victoria, 16 years and 6 months in the Northern Territory and 17 years in all other states and the Australian Capital Territory.

This rule does not apply to licence holders or temporary P2 drivers. Apprenticeship licence holders and temporary P1 drivers may not use a mobile phone for any purpose while driving. These include wireless hands-free headphones and speakers. In certain circumstances, the driving licence may be revoked immediately or by court order, for example for anti-social driving activities commonly known as sharpening. The minimum age to drive in Victoria is 18 years old. A learner driver may drive under the supervision of a driver who has held a driver`s licence since 1966 at the age of 16. After obtaining a driver`s licence, a driver will continue to be subject to restrictions for a probationary period of 4 years. According to VicRoads, a probationary licence holder can drive a prohibited vehicle if a fully licensed driver sits next to them and takes supervision.

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