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She has a deep understanding of all skin tones and types, having trained at Delamar Academy at Ealing Studios and having worked in film and television for several years. She invented hundreds of faces of different ages, skin types, and sounds, including celebrities, sports personalities, and actors. CSC provides a professional and independent forensic reporting service to the legal, insurance and health care professions. We work with a large number of companies and rehabilitation organizations and are proud to have built a long-term relationship of trust. At Speed Medical, we understand the devastating impact an accident can have on a person`s physical and mental health. That`s why we`re proud to have Vanessa Jane Davies, an expert in paramedical skin camouflage, on our panel. With over 25 years of practical experience, Vanessa has been providing high quality forensic expert opinions and reports for 13 years. The continuous CPD coupled with more than 25 years of practical experience allows me to evaluate the most effective skin camouflage products and techniques to act as a competent expert. I believe it is crucial to take responsibility for my own continuous professional learning to ensure that all practices are valid and up-to-date, which is why I regularly attend training sessions at Bond Solon, the Expert Witness Institute and the British Dermatological Nursing Group. It`s good practice to question your knowledge and expertise and think about how many times you`ve treated a patient to say you`re competent before accepting a case. A Registered General Nurse (RNN) with 39 years` experience in the NHS acute care sector. After extensive training with the British Association of Skin Camouflage and the Changing Faces Charity, she is a qualified skin camouflage consultant specialising in skin camouflage paramedical techniques.

My work with topical dermal fillers helps recessed scars, while scar treatment minimizes scarring as it matures. This, combined with the camouflage of the skin, allows me to create treatment plans in my quantum relationships. A quantum report describes the requirements and costs of camouflage the customer`s skin and includes all the products, tools and accessories needed to get a complete picture of the customer`s needs. It is based on your client`s personal assessment or photo and is relevant wherever surgery is not possible or recommended in cases of bodily injury, clinical neglect and rehabilitation. Camouflage products can be used on the face or body, both in pediatrics and in adults. We offer a high level of advice and guidance and offer lifetime costs for cosmetic camouflage and all necessary treatments for a variety of scars and burn marks. All our consultants are DBS accredited and we are able to see clients from the age of four. Babs uniquely combines her experience as a makeup artist with her legal training to provide witness services for skin camouflage to plaintiffs and defendants. She regularly prepares medico-legal opinions for law firms, rehabilitation companies and insurance companies. She is able to provide skin camouflage recommendations tailored to each customer, find products and help quantify losses.

All reports comply with Part 35 of the CPP. She is a member of the Expert Witness Institute (EWI) and the Association of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL). In everything I do, I want to demonstrate excellent clinical standards, which is why I do not accept desk evaluations. I believe that only after seeing the client personally and assessing their needs and aspirations for camouflage and skin scar treatments can you give an informed and accurate assessment of their future needs. Speed Medical is more than happy to take this into account, which I really appreciate. Skin camouflage offers a way to deal with scars that affect their appearance and self-confidence. It is a proven method of using medically formulated cosmetics specifically designed to cover scars, burns, tattoos or skin conditions while adjusting the surrounding skin tones. If you look at my diary of 13 years of writing expert reports, there is a clear trend of increasing instructions for defendants and applications to work as JS, with more and more cases moving to rehabilitation for long-term needs that would otherwise be medico-legal. I have been working with Speed Medical for over five years and enjoy being associated with such a specialized forensic reporting and rehabilitation provider. We also offer online consultations via videoconferencing platforms.

The online consultation with your client allows us to analyze their scars in detail and obtain a much clearer understanding than would normally be achieved by still images. We are also able to answer any questions about skin camouflage and advise you on the different application techniques once suitable products have been recommended. The scope and variety of cases mentioned are interesting and mean that I can use all elements of my professional expertise – both in skin camouflage and scar management for complex scars, multiple traumas and other visible skin differences. Interestingly, people often assume that it`s mostly women who ask for my help, but in reality, I see as many, if not more, men. I also work with children of primary school age, but especially with children who are approaching adolescence where self-confidence is so important, especially when they have a visible skin difference. Although skin camouflage is available on the NHS, sometimes a GP doesn`t feel the need to prescribe it. With many years of experience in the world of personal injury, our panel of experts – whether a general practitioner or a clinical psychologist – is trained to identify where such treatments would benefit the client, their mental state and ability to resume a normal life, and to refer them to a skin camouflage specialist. Since 2015, I have been working with silicone-based therapy products in addition to my skin camouflage treatments, which allows me to give an opinion when the treatment of scars is cited in the medical report of the consultant surgeon. For example, after a shocking dog attack that is now approaching her teenage years, a young person found the scar management options/costs identified in the report, as well as the skin camouflage, to be tremendous support and comfort. ScarWorkTM is a gentle but highly effective approach to scar management.

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