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Who Is the Gay Guy in Legally Blonde

“Vivian is blonde now. They had founded the Blonde Legal Defense Club and distributed leaflets on the quad. The instant classic debuted in 2001 and follows Elle Woods (played by Reese Witherspoon), a blonde, bubbly lawyer who rises through the ranks of Harvard Law School despite the efforts of her peers and professionals who constantly underestimate her. Hailed as a feminist masterpiece at the time and to this day, the comedy still has a loyal LGBTQ+ fan base twenty years later. I almost immediately identified with the infinitely quoted comedy of legal errors when I saw nuances of myself in Elle (Reese Witherspoon) – it overturned expectations of what a blonde should be when I tried unsuccessfully to incorporate pink into my strict college dress code. The message “Be Yourself/Girl Power” apparently meant enough to you to continue Elle`s adventure for two increasingly unfortunate sequels, a Broadway show, and even a production of the musical at the Kidz Theater at the middle age of 24. Are they laughing at the fact that Enrique is gay or how ridiculous his previous statement was? Wave. The film ends with Elle graduating from Harvard Law, although the writers thought of ending the film with her kiss on Emmett. “We showed the film two or three times, and each time people didn`t want to end it with a kiss,” Smith recalls. “They thought it wasn`t a story about [Her] having a boyfriend, which was really cool for people to say that.” “The suggestion was that they were either best friends or that they had met romantically.” It turned out that Legally Blonde had another alternate ending that wasn`t technically gay, but would definitely have become a part of gay culture. “The second or third end was a musical act on the steps of the courtroom, and when She came out, the judge, the jury and everyone in the courtroom started singing and dancing,” Cauffiel added. “I`ve been waiting 20 years for someone to disclose this.” Bursting into a song in a pastel-colored trouser suit after winning a murder trial based on knowledge of hair care? It`s camp, baby.

Brooke later admits that she hired Enrique because he looks so good in a Speedo. The discovery of Cher`s tapes in the pool house is another indictment against him in the heated debate over the sexuality of the poolboy. Suffice it to say that the news came as a shock to the legion of gay fans of the film. Our Elle Vivian head guns could have been canon all along? Could she and Vivian have ended up at sunset with matching lesbian haircuts instead of falling into a beautiful but sweet romance with their T.A.? Forget baby Linda Cardellini accidentally murdered her father, I want to report a real crime. And what`s more frustrating? How attorney Emmett (Luke Wilson) interrogates Enrique. He catches Enrique lying by asking his friend on the podium. Enrique replies, “Chuck,” and the room bursts into shock and laughter. People choose to stay in the closet in certain rooms for a myriad of reasons, in addition to brazenly stepping on Elle Woods` toes, such as workplace discrimination, violence against LGBT people, access to housing, family pressures, etc. The only glimpse we get of Enrique`s inner life comes from how desperate his friend is when he tries to cover up their relationship. Making coming out fun is a tricky task, especially in the context of a campy romantic comedy aimed at a heterosexual audience.

Jessica Cauffiel has just unveiled the original ending of the iconic film. Maybe “Legally Blonde 3” can meet the current expectations of LGBTQ audiences and make us say, “What, it`s hard?” to experience inclusion on screen. Even without that original lesbian ending, Legally Blonde movies have always been queer catnip. You play as Reese Witherspoon, who became the queen of heterosexual but secretly confused suburban mothers lovingly recalled by gays online. Elle`s chemistry with Blair in the first film was strong, and I would like to point out that the lesbian flag happens to be pink, which seems to be the only color in Mrs. Woods` wardrobe. The sequel even reveals that her beloved Chihuahua, Bruiser, is actually a gay icon, making Elle and her dog the queer Gemini duo we deserve. Now that we know we could have had the lesbian ending that many of us have dreamed of all along, I invite everyone to cry with me. But who knows? Legal Blonde 3 is in the works, so there`s still a chance that Elle and Vivian`s relationship will become something more. Legal Blonde 2 ended by hinting that its protagonist will one day run for president, so I suggest that the triad end with Elle as President Woods and Vivian as First Lady.

Seeing that would be my perfect day. The strongest thing about these films is and remains Elle Woods. But he can only stand a shabby conspiracy and simplistic characterizations before these hot spots begin to distract from why this universe was attractive in the first place.

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