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Month: November 2022

Legal Aid Johnson County Kansas

In the Help Centre, clients involved in family law matters can find, complete and file required documents and forms in one place. Eligible individuals can get limited legal assistance from Kansas Legal Services attorneys on-site two days a week. The Sedgwick County District Court offers a variety of forms for use in Sedgwick County …

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Legal Aid Hotline San Antonio Texas

RAICES Free or low-cost immigration services Telephone: 210-222-0964 Visit the website: This resource guide provides contact information for local organizations that offer free legal services based on demographic qualifications and/or income. Please contact the agency for more information on the requirements and to determine if you are eligible. Free legal advice for low-income …

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Legal Aid Commission Batticaloa

The LAC, which has 163 members, including 101 lawyers, deals with civil proceedings, bail for pre-trial detention, violations, legal advice, outreach programmes, and provides legal assistance through the media and legal aid offices. It is generally recognized that access to justice is a fundamental right and an important means of realizing other rights and …

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Legal Aid Barrister Family Law

Nevada Legal Services provides free legal resources to low-income families, women, minorities, people with disabilities, and others in need throughout the state. We offer a variety of legal assistance to ensure Nevadans are not denied the right to fair justice. Fill out the online registration form below to see if you qualify for our …

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Legal Age to Gamble Oklahoma

Tennessee allows residents of the state to play as young as 18. This has allowed the state to generate enough interest in the gaming industry. While this is good news, residents and visitors to the state can only place their bets online, but legally, as the state has now regulated several sports bets and …

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Legal Age to Buy Cooking Wine

I lived in Pennsylvania where there are some pretty strange alcohol laws for people who don`t know (no alcohol in grocery stores, beer and alcohol must be in separate stores, no liquor sales on Sundays, there are dry counties, only restaurants can sell 6 individual packs/bottles, so if you go to the “beer store,” …

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